Terms of service
Here you will find our terms and conditions.
The user is and will remain responsible for the contents of uploaded files. The user bears the possible consequences of violation of copyright, patents, trademarks, service marks or other intellectual property rights from third parties. This enumeration is not exclusive. By using our service the user declares and warrants he/she is the author of the content and copyright owner and / or the actual license holder with regard to the content.
We take the privacy of our users very seriously. The data supplied by the user will only be used to enable and improve the services provided. In addition to typical link encryption (HTTPS) we may also use advanced encryption (AES) to prevent uploaded files from being read without the decryption key. If user data are required by operation of law we will make them available if the legal process is impeded if we do not make the data available. Decryption keys required to download files are not stored because of the right to privacy and can not be claimed. To make this website work we may collect IP addresses of our users. Uploaded files and submitted data will only be stored if required.
We can not be held liable in any way for damages or loss of files or data. We make efforts to protect our server park against loss and / or against any form of unlawful use.
We do not allow files with prohibited content to be uploaded, such as pornography, child pornography, racism, violence or illegal material, or files that may be protected by copyright. This enumeration is not exclusive. We do not allow files to be uploaded containing links to files with prohibited content or files that may be protected by copyright.
We have the right, but not the duty or requirement, to remove files we suspect may be in violation of the law and / or the terms of service without notifying the user. If we suspect that files made available by the user are in violation of the law we reserve the right to notify the authorities. This happens without further explanation and / or notification to the user. The files of users are processed without our intervention.